7 Reasons Regular Grooming Is Essential For Your Dog

Imagine how you feel after a bath: calm, relaxed, and clean. Well, regular grooming for your dog can have the same effect! professional grooming every 6-8 weeks is vital to keep your pet looking and feeling its best. Here are 7 benefits in getting your dog professionally groomed.

1. It’s not just about bathing – professional groomers do it all: clip your dog’s nails, trim your dog’s fur, groom the sanitary regions and maintain the overall health and appearance of their coat.

2. Helps prevent mats – washing can makes mats worse, but grooming detangles and removes matted fur to help prevent future mats.

3. Keeps them smelling nice – a nice smelling dog is a happy dog, and you’ll be happy too!

4. Helps prevent fleas and other skin concerns – professional groomers always check pets’ skin to make sure your pet is healthy.

5. Gets them socialized – especially when your dog is a puppy, regular trips to the groomer are a great way to get them comfortable around other humans to help their socialization skills .

6. Prevents excess shedding – regular grooming takes care of excess fur that your pooch may shed, keeping your house tumbleweed free.

7. Helps regulate temperate – though it is never advised to shave your dog, regular professional grooming can help keep them comfortable in both hot and cold months.

The certified Professional Groomers at MJ’s Pet Spaw & Boutique ensure that your dog is well groomed and will come home looking and feeling its best. Have you gotten your pet groomed at MJ’s recently?

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