About Us

At MJ’s Pets paw, we pride ourselves on providing a luxury pet Grooming experience at an affordable price. From professional grooming to basic training and dog walking, we offer a variety of services and solutions and a fun, safe, spa-like environment for you and your four-legged loved ones.

Inside our mobile you will find an immersive experience meant to relax and refresh you and your pets, leaving them calm and happy and you with total peace of mind. From the moment you walk in the door you’ll be greeted by our passionate staff who will make you feel right at home. Just sit back, relax, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our mission is to provide our guests with a fun and safe environment offering luxury amenities and professional, compassionate service at an efficient cost. We believe top-quality service shouldn’t break the bank, and that treating your pet should also be a treat for you. Interested in seeing what we can do? Check out our services to see our complete offerings.

About MJ

Since his youth, MJ has always felt a special connection with animals. It seemed that no matter where he went, he would find an animal that needed help– almost as if they called to him. Throughout his career in hospitality, customer service, and management, MJ couldn’t help but dream of opening a warm, welcoming place for animals. It was then that the idea for the store was born. MJ’s Pet Spaw and Boutique is MJ’s dream company, and he is dedicated to using his unique connection with animals to provide the a holistic, high-quality pet experience unlike any other.

In addition to his passion for animals, MJ has also earned the following

  • – Certificate from International Professional Grooming
  • – Certificate from Amber’s Academy of Pet Styling
  • – Pet CPR and Emergency Care Certificate from Emergency Care and Safety Institute

Meet Our Team


Neda, MJ’s Wife, is General Manager of MJ’s Pet Spaw . Neda has her Master of Business Administration with over 5 years of experience in office management, customer service, bookkeeping, human resources, sales and marketing


Ana Crespo is a groomer at MJs Pet Spaw. She graduate from Amber’s Academy of Pet Styling and is certified in Pet first Aid and CPR. An animal lover, Ana has volunteered at shelters before starting her grooming career and believes in respecting all living creatures she shares the world with. She was born in Zacatecas, Mexico and at an early age moved to Los Angeles California where she grew up and has spent most of her life. She currently resides in Moreno Valley with her husband and four fur babies Bella, Diego, JR and Mocosa.


Ali, is a very kind and calm person therefore, his positive energy will transfer to the dogs he is working on, no matter how stressed your dog may be before the grooming, we assure you that your dog will be happy with a big smile and a wagging tail after you pick him/her up. Ali used to be a veterinarian for over ten years at his motherland country but after he moved to USA with his family, he decided while he is waiting to retake the exam to become a licensed veterinarian in USA to learn how to groom as well. The plan is for Ali and MJ to team up in the future and open another facility to provide both grooming and veterinary services. Ali has earned his grooming certification from Amber’s Grooming School and he is all ready to provide you and your furry friends the best service possible.


Jennifer been a pet stylist for over 3 years. got her start in PetSmart and she really enjoys working with dogs, She also loves spending time with her own two dogs Crumble and Jango Fett and taking them with her on camping trips.


Ali is a lifelong animal lover and has been a professional pet stylist for the past 5 years. She enjoys making sure dogs have a good grooming experience and are excited to return for their next visit. In her free time, she enjoys talking care of her 19 pets including dogs, rodents, fish, and reptiles.


“To provide our guests with a fun and safe environment offering luxury amenities and professional, compassionate service at an efficient cost.”


“To enrich and improve the lives of pets and their owners by providing an all-inclusive destination for top-quality care and fun in the Orange County, CA area.”

Our Services

MJ’s Pet Spaw is pleased to offer a wide variety of premium pet services.